New Project: Canvas Floorcloths

canvas floor cloths by indobay For many, many months now I've had this idea of taking an old tradition of  Canvas floor coverings and making them modern.

The idea of floorcloths came to me while trying to find pretty, small floor coverings that I could easily wipe clean. With two dogs I am constantly throwing our throw rugs into the wash. After searching online, floor cloths seemed like a good choice but I just did not see any designs that went with the aesthetic I am generally drawn too. Hence, I knew at some point I would be making my own.

canvas floor cloths by indobay

(image of pattern printed on paper and layed out on canvas cloth)

So for quite some time now I've been playing with designs and patterns for my floor cloths. I've also had to research and learn the best ways to print on heavy, primed canvas. Most canvas floor cloths have a design that is painted onto the canvas. I knew I wanted to blockprint on the floor cloths just like I do on fabric. I also had to research a non-toxic protective finish used to seal the cloth.

I'm still in the trial and error phase playing with designs, layouts, and blanket stitching with leather to create a little more interest.

Has anyone ever used floor cloths before? Any suggestions on color combinations? Feel free to leave a response below. :)