Simply Thought{FULL}: Passionately this my talent?

wordsblog I saw these words on Pinterest and thought instantly...this is me!

For the past three years I've been focusing my creative energy on making handprinted products for my shop. I'm not sure how talented I am but I love designing and making things. I'd truly feel less than whole if I couldn't make what I love.

Yet, lately I've been feeling restless about what to do with myself. Where should I focus my attention?

I have reconnected to a past love, Yoga. I find myself immersed in all things yoga and wanting to practice everyday. I even secretly dream of taking the yoga teacher training and being able to teach. One day.

I am also passionate about cooking and nutrition. Trying a new recipe and cooking with real, whole healthy foods just makes me happy. I sink my teeth into any information I can find about Holistic nutrition. Here's another secret...I've also been thinking about enrolling in an educational program that teaches about Holistic Nutrition and becoming certified as a Holistic Nutritionist.

I could tell you about my passion for interior design but if you've followed this blog for a while that really isn't a secret. :)

This year I have given myself permission to pull back from my shop a little.  I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t ready to push and grow my business any more than where it was right now. I am allowing myself to explore all my passions and curiosities and see in what direction my heart is lead. Right now in my life this just feels right.

I can't say how "talented" I will be at yoga, cooking, making, designing, teaching but maybe it's not always about how good you are at something but how much you can connect with and enjoy whatever it is you are doing. Maybe my true talent lies in being passionately curious like Albert Einstein said.

Today do what makes you happy and don't worry about the rest! :)