2013: Slow Beginnings

clarity It is now 22 days into the New Year and this is my first blog post. This was somewhat intentional.

You see, for me 2013 is about slowing down...Slow living, Slow Designing, Slow Parenting, etc. I don't mean doing things at a snails pace but rather intentionally doing things with awareness and an appreciation for the process of whatever it is I'm doing. This way of life isn't new to me. However, over the last six months I've noticed an ever growing & deepening awareness that my ideas, my priorities in life and work are shifting for me in a more deliberate way.

With all that being said, I've missed being here but wanted to take my time moving indobay into 2013. So often the New year brings all this pressure to have new designs, new products, maybe a shiny new website, a new direction, etc. I knew that I was ready to take indobay in a new direction but needed more time to find the clarity I needed to know which way to go. After many prayers,  yoga and just getting quiet within myself I feel like I am much clearer on where I want to take indobay. I hope you will join me.

indobay will always be about living Simply & lovely. That won't change. Yet, there are so many ways to express that philosophy...ways in which I don't feel I've always shared but that are part of my daily life and really make me happy and excited!

Has anyone else eased into 2013 with new intentions, & dreams?