Hand-made Modern Mini-Magnets Back for the Holidays

Modern mini magnets in Wintry Silver by indobay These little guys are back in the shop just in time for the Holidays! It seems funny talking about the Holidays already yet next week is Thanksgiving!

When I first made these little magnets I was smitten right away with their small size yet big charm. Plus, the super, duper strong magnets can really handle & hold pretty much whatever you give it. What I wasn't expecting is how much time they actually take to make. I intentionally make the magnets to not be perfectly square nor perfectly smooth. Yet it still requires ALOT of sanding even to get this "perfectly, imperfect" aesthetic. Therefore, I decided to take them out of the shop because I would have had to raise the price quite a bit to justify the time it took to make them.

modern mini magnets by indobay in silver

But sometimes people can change their minds.

As I was walking past my fridge yesterday and saw my magnets, I was reminded how pretty they are. Therefore, I thought I'd bring them back to the shop in a very small quantity, 4 sets,  just for the holidays. They really do make a very sweet stocking stuffer!

You can find them >>here<<.