Grand Central Holiday Fair in New York

Grand Central Holiday Fair in New York and indobay Back in August, the owners of Clay, Wood & Cotton  ,where I sell some of my products from, asked me if I would be interested in being a part of an event that they had been invited to. The event is the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair! If you know New York you know this venue is quite the landmark. After I gulped at the number of tea towels they wanted to have from me for the event, I enthusiastically and certainly said YES! So for the past few months I have been busy prepping, printing and packaging tea towels all for the big event today!

indobay handprinted text towel

This morning I received these photos from N.Y.:

Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair

Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair

It looks like the booth is all ready to go! Although I won't actually be there I'm so excited to have been included in this special event that will run from November 12-December 24. If you are in N.Y. or have relatives in N.Y. ask them to stop by the Clay, Wood & Cotton booth #17 and say hello!

Happy Monday!