Knock softly...a special gift for a special friend

indobay linen textile hang tag for baby As my lovely friend once said, "You wakey, You takey!"

Now you must know that this comes from a mother of triplets. So a sleeping baby meant a few moments of quiet, at least until one of the babies woke.

Recently a friend of mine, Teresa, wanted a special little gift for her friend's birthday. We discussed  a few options and then came up with the linen tag you see above.

Apparently, when folks would knock at the front door, a chain reaction would be set in motion that goes something like this:

1. Loud knock at the front door

2. Dog starts barking loudly

3. Baby is awakened

I have to tell you I was so excited about this project. I could immediately envision a very soft grey on lovely shades of linen. Muted tones, sumptious textures, sweet words.

Now it's Teresa having a baby and I get to make one of these hang tags for her! Her baby shower is this Saturday so I sure hope she's not reading this post. ;)

Here are a few photos of the process:

indobay handmade linen textile hang tag for baby

indobay handmade, handprinted linen hang tag

indobay handmade handprinted linen hang tag for baby

indobay handmade handprinted linen tag for baby

I loved the final result! I hope that the recipient of this linen tag is just as happy and there are many days ahead filled with a blissfully sleeping baby.