Follow Your Heart

You know when you come across something that makes you go awww...and is so sweet that you have to share, well this item is one of those.

Everywhere my family and I travel we always look for stones that are heart shaped to add to our collection. So when I saw this canvas I instantly was smitten and thought what a wonderful idea! Such an original wedding present!

Heart stone by MedStoneBeach

I actually purchased one of the stones from MedBeachStone shop right after our lab Jackson  passed away a little over a year ago. The heart stone I purchased has a little hole in it which symbolizes, for me, the hole in our hearts after losing Jackson. I keep my stone close by and still marvel at how beautiful it is in it's simplicity.

If you have a few minutes the shop is definitely worth rummaging through. Happy Friday!

P.S. Be on the lookout for The Simple List Everyday Market & Tote Bags being added to the shop very, very soon!