I've missed you!

Hello Friends! As I'm writing I can't quite believe that Summertime is almost officially over! With my son going Back to School this always signals for me to get Back to Creating! I hope you all have had a wonderful summer!

Our summer flew by and ended with an amazing roadtrip from Northern California to Portland, Oregon. We visited dear family and friends and just had such a lovely, lovely trip!

Here are few photos of our summer trip:

We began our road trip arriving in Los Gatos, CA where we were able to visit with my dear sister in law and her family! Visiting Jennifer is always the highlight of my trips back to California.

Next we were off to San Francisco. Oh how I've missed my old city!

indobay summertrip San Francisco

indobay summer trip San Francisco

We were so fortunate to have absolutely amazing weather the entire time we were in the city! Shorts and tank tops in the summer time in SF doesn't happen often.

indobay summertrip San Francisco Giants Game

We even got to go toย  a Giants Game which was definitely a highlight eventย for our little guy!

Indobay summertrip 2012

We then made our way up to the Santa Cruz mountains where we stayed in the redwoods with dear friends. So beautiful!

indobay summertrip Humboldt California

After a four hour car ride where we, unfortunately, learned that our little Mr. gets car sick, we arrived in Humboldt, California where we were visiting more dear friends. My big Mr. use to live in Humboldt over 15 years ago so it was so wonderful to visit. We got to see his old cabin way up in the woods...so cool!

One of the highlights was driving up the moutain to find the cabin where my Mr. use to live and coming across these beautiful deer...stunning!

indobay summer trip california

It can get pretty chilly in the evenings in Humboldt. Nothing a toasty fire can't cure.

indobay summer trip Bend, Oregon

Next on our roadtrip agenda was making the 7 hour drive to Bend, Oregon. I'd never been so I was completely awed by it's beauty.

Bend is such a lovely town that hopefully we will call home one day. This photo above is a picture of our property in Bend. Right now it's a lovely space with only dreams and possibilities of a home...maybe, one day.

summer trip Bend Oregon

The weather in Bend was super hot so a swim in the river was a must!

indobay summer trip Portland Oregon

indobay summer trip Portland

Lastly, we ended our trip visiting friends in Portland, Oregon. I found Portland to be very different from Bend but so lovely as well! It reminded of San Francisco in that there were all these different neighborhoods all with their own energy. We spent one day biking around the city and getting a feel of the Portland lifestyle.

As much fun as we head it was also nice getting back home. Our dogs were so overjoyed to see us that you just couldn't help thinking, "There's no place like Home!" :)