Process: Wooden Conversation Hearts

wooden conversation hearts by indobay

When I receive an order for my Wooden Conversation Hearts I always smile.

I imagine that the person that ordered the hearts must have a playful, whimsical & slightly quirky personality.

There is a little work involved in getting the hearts ready to play...

Modern simple wooden conversation hearts by indobay

I love the rustic quality to these hearts. However, no one wants to reach their hand inside the little pouch and get a splinter.

They do require a bit of sanding before they are ready.

 After sanding they are much smoother and any possibility of splinters is averted.

Modern wooden conversation hearts by indobay

 After printing the text, ironing the little pouch, our little hearts are ready to play!


 The Final result...Simple, but lovely wooden hearts.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a playful, whimsical and  slight quirky weekend.