A Boys Simple Room Reno-Part 3

Simple Room Reno for a Boy Hi all! As promised here are some more photos of my little mister's room reno.

For now all is complete. The last thing on my wish list for the room is a desk. However, I don't want to do anything yet until we know exactly the most space efficient way to do this. So for now, the kitchen counter still serves as Homework Central.

Here is a peek inside a young boys simple room reno:

A boys room reno

This is hands down one of Ty's favorite items in his room. Seriously, I had to take into consideration the dimensions of the loft bed and furniture placement so that it didn't interfere with what he calls, "mini-hoops".

We just recently brought this wooden cabinet out of the shed and placed it in Ty's room. It is a piece that his grandfather made and that he had in his room when he was a baby.

One thing a little boy needs lots of is storage. With all the legos, trophies, books, games, etc. storage is a priority and always an issue in a small room.

After cleaning off the dust, the musty odor from being in the shed for so long, along with cleaning away a few critters that had take refuge, the cabinet is good as new!

This is a dresser that I moved with us from San Francisco! It is very old, the drawers are a bit wonky and not easy to open or close. Yet, I love this dresser! I used this dresser as Ty's changing table when he was a wee little baby. I love the fact that he still uses it as his dresser.

Quite frankly, I have toyed with the idea of getting him a new dresser mostly because it makes me a little grumpy when I constantly find the drawers wide open. A 10 year old cannot appreciate the little extra effort it takes to close drawers from an old dresser.

So occassionally I "threaten" to get my little guy a new dresser so I don't have to constantly close drawers. I threaten but I know that sometimes things with history and age just need a little extra care and a little patience.

A boys room wouldn't complete without legos and lego men. There has been many a battle with these little guys!

I always enjoy having Ty's art displayed around the house. We have a simple wire hung on the wall where I use tiny clothespins to hang my little guy's art. I use to frame a lot of his pieces and still do. But, this way is so much easier to change out as new art pieces come in.

I'm sure I will tweak the room from time to time. It's just my nature. But for now, I think it's just perfect.

More importantly, my little guys thinks so too!