Lime green & grey for a boys room...

simple boys room renovation Happy Friday! If you remember from this post we were about to paint Ty's room.

It's PAINTED and we LOVE IT! The grey is soothing and perfect and the lime green is bright, and so much fun! If I do say so myself our little guy definitely has the coolest room in the house. :)

For those that know my little guy, he is so full of life, such a beautiful, happy spirit wrapped in one little boy. He is always smiling!

I told him he is like the lime greenΒ that is now on his wall...happy, vibrant and absolutely makes me smile everytime I walk by his room. It really does look super, duper cool!

I asked him if he likes it. In his words, "it's awesome!"

I have more pics to post wanted to give you just a little sneek peak while I am uploading the others.