A Boys Simple Room Reno-Part 2

Hi everyone-So you might remember from this post that we started renovating our son's room. He turned 10 years old in January. We  thought it would be nice to take his room, which has been nearly the same since he was very little, and just make it into something more for a young, growing boy.

When you live in a little house it seems the best solution in finding space is looking up, which is exactly what we did. Hence, the loft bed we had crafted by our carpenter. I am so happy to report that our little guy LOVES his new space, especially his bed!

This past week the bedroom reno continued. I love the raw look of his bed that we left unpainted and unstained. However, I was inspired by this photo below and decided to add just a little white paint. After agonizing for a few days as to which part of the bed would get the white paint, I decided on just the slats on the side. It's a subtle change but I really like the way it came out.

                                                                 Inspiration photo

                                                         After photo with painted slats

What do you think?

We also installed a new fan. Once we had the loft bed installed we realized we had to remove the ceiling fan. We do not have high ceilings and the fan was just a little to close to the bed for our comfort.

Living in Florida even with air conditioning a ceiling fan is a necessity, especially during the summer months. After trying to figure out many different solutions we decided on this wall-mounted fan from Air King.

It's mounted to the wall so it takes up no space at all and  it works great! Aesthetically, I also like the vintage look that this fan has.

Tomorrow the painting of the room begins! Yay!

I'm so excited because a little paint can make such a huge difference! Our little guy wanted an all LIME GREEN room. However, after a few conversations and some subtle, or not so subtle persuading, we comprised on one lime green wall and the rest in a very soft grey color.

Here is our color inspiration picture.

I will keep you posted once the paint goes up. Wish us luck with the lime green paint. It's definitely a bold choice for me but I figure you only turn 10 once! :)