The Beauty of Linen is that it's NOT perfect...

Frolid Linen Tea Towel by indobay I love linen! I love the look of it, the feel of it, basically, everything about it. The beauty of linen truly lies in the fact that it isn't perfect nor is it trying to be. Unlike many mechanically produced fabrics that are made specifically to be perfect, linen embraces all it's "flaws.

So what exactly causes these "imperfections"?

Linen will often have variations in the fabric that is inherent due to the weaving and spinning process.

Frolic Linen Tea Towel by indobay

Sometimes you will see something called "slubs" in the linen that looks like a little ball of fabric. You can actually see one in the picture above.Β  Some folks attempt to remove these which can be a little tricky but possible.

I actually like seeing these because it reminds me that real people were behind the weaving and spinning of the fabric.

Real people spinning and weaving by hand means irregularities, variationsΒ and imperfections. That is the nature of handmade.

So next time you are slaving over trying to iron your linen to perfection, remember to embrace the wrinkles, & appreciate the perfectly, imperfect nature of linen.

live Simply, live lovely.