Inspired by the Season...

Today is one of those days that is so incredibly beautiful you feel like you can do anything! I am most certainly one of those people that is effected by her surroundings.

Today I am surrounded by beautiful breezes, sunlight, Azaleas in bloom, doors opened wide, baby ducklings at the lake and a general sense that today is going to be LOVELY!

As soon as I returned home from walking Snickers, the Beagle, the deck doors were opened up to reveal warm breezes!

The Cypress Trees which have been bare for some time now are finally blooming!

Living in Florida we see lizards ALL the time. My personal peeping lizard!

One of my most favorite things that the Springtime brings are adorable ducklings. I saw these cuties while walking Snickers!

Even if it is still cold where you are I wish you warm, happy feelings!

Live Simply, live lovely!