Home Renovations for 2012...a young boys room.

Handmade Loft Bed Happy Monday with a little sneek peek into what we've been up to at the homestead lately. Our son turned 10 years old in January. We wanted to do something a little different for his birthday this year since turning "double digits" is pretty major! We live in a relatively small home with my son's room probably being the smallest. In order to carve out more space without doing a major renovation we decided to move his bed up to make more space below. Here are some photos I've take so far... This was my son's room before. Loved his old bed but floor space was definitely lacking. Handmade crafted loft bed Loft bed crafted by our carpenter. Sleeping area on top. Lounge area  below. Handcrated loft bed I love the way the bottom of the bed platform creates a super cool ceiling in the sitting area. handcrafted loft bed We are planning on adding some storage on this wall but haven't yet decided on how or what. For now, we have the owl painting that I adore created by my sister of Artplay, a canvas photo that I treasure of my son and nephew at a friend's ranch about 5 years ago, a hand drawn picture of our old dog Jackson who passed away last August, and an antler silohouette screenprint by Monorail that I think is so awesome! A simple shelf made from a left over piece of lumber and super inexpensive wood brackets from ikea hangs over the dresser. Prior Ty had no shelf space for his trophies and the many, many lego pieces that have taken over. The plan is also to eventually convert the dresser into a desk. The dresser is somewhat sentimental in that I originally used it as my son's changing table and dresser. It traveled with us from our home in San Francisco to Florida. We are going to remove the two bottom drawers and leave the top one for pencils, paper and what-nots. Luckily, it seems to be the perfect height for a desk! I'll post pics once the transformation is made. That chair is super cozy and was Ty's birthday present when he was 2 years old! It makes me teary-eyed remembering my little boy who would crawl all over that chair and would ask me to sit with him. I still do. We intentionally left the wood unfinished and raw. Although we have sanded some of the rough edges, I added some felt to the steps to make it a little softer on bare feet.

This is Piper our rescue dog. Piper thinks we added the sheepskin rug just for her. ;)

Next is painting Ty's room.

I have to admit, I'm not excited about doing the painting but luckily my mother is going to help.

Gotta love grandmas!

I really love the way the room turned out so far.

 The best part is hearing Ty tell us that he thinks he has the "coolest room ever!"

You just gotta love little boys.

This mother certainly LOVES hers!