DO NOT try these tricks at home...all in the name of Quality Control at indobay.

Spring & Whimsy Linen Textile Pillow Cover by indobay Can I tell you a little secret?

I think in a past life, I may have been a product inspector. You know the ones I'm talking about? You know that little sticker you sometimes find on items that say, "inspected by 43", well, I think I may have been #43 once upon a time.

I have a strange fondness for running "quality control" tests with my products. All those things I'm basically telling you not to do as far as care in the product description...well, I do them ALL!

For example, I tell you not to use the abrasive side of the sponge on my hand-printed mugs to maintain the vibrancy of the ink. I cannot tell you how many times I have used the harsh side of the sponge just to make sure that the ink remains the same as the first day I printed and heat set the mugs.

Over two years later, my mugs at home look the same! However, to be safe don't use an abrasive sponge. :)

I am not always gentle with my products that I use personally.

I tell you to wash my linens inside out in the gentle cycle on a cool setting. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I will often times wash my linens on the Normal Cycle, in warm water and NOT inside out all in the name of "quality control".

Why would I do this? I need to make sure that if someone doesn't actually follow my care instructions that their pillow cover isn't going to fall apart, or the ink on the napkins they just purchased isn't going to fade to an unrecognizable design.

Here is one of my linen pillow covers that just this weekend I put through a rigorous "stress test".

Now I am a maniac about not using bleach in my home. Yet, my man is not opposed and we've had this bottle laying around for like ever. Anyhow, I decided I was going to run the pillow cover through hot water to test for shrinkage and I even added a little bleach just to see what would happen to the linen and the textile ink.

This is the pillow cover before:

Spring & Whimsy Linen Pillow cover by indobay

Handprinted Linen Pillow cover by indobay

Can you tell I don't actually iron my pillow covers in my own home?

Now this is the same pillow cover after being put through a washing on a Normal cycle, with Hot water and a little bleach. I said a little prayer and apologized to the pillow cover as I tossed her into the wash.

Here is the after photo. Yes, I did pull out the iron for the after shot:

As I pulled her out of the dryer I was a little nervous as to how she would look. If I do say so myself, I think she looks quite lovely! No furthur shrinkage, ink & linen stood the test of heat and bleach, and with a little ironing she looked good as new if not better because she was now even softer than before.

HOWEVER, please don't try these tricks at home.

Yet, you can feel secure in the fact that if you aren't the most gentle with indobay products from time to time, they won't hold it against you! :)

live SIMPLY, live LOVELY