Lights, Camera, Action...Experimenting with Lifestyle Products Shots.

indobay rise drink shine mug Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent the weekend imagining how it would be living in a castle. No, we are not leaving our little house for the likes of a grand castle. However, my son and I have been working quite diligently on building a castle out of found objects for a school project...super fun!!

I have to say I love working on school projects but tend to find myself wanting to take over a bit & making "suggestions". I promised myself that this time it would be different...somewhat. I have still "suggested" ideas but deferred to my 10 year old whenever he gave me that look like, "you're doing it again!" It's really hard giving up creative control. ;)

I will post castle pics soon.

However, I do have a complete say with my own creative endeavours. One of the favorite parts of having my own online shop is experimenting with different ways to make my products a little more interesting in photos. I'm starting to move a little bit away from static product shots and more towards lifestyle shots where you can actually see the product in action.


indobay rise drink shine mug

 {old product shot}

Being a one-woman creative biz, it can be overwhelming playing so many roles...maker, webdesigner, blogger, photographer, stylist, copywriter, etc. I can say without a doubt taking decent photos is one of my biggest challenges.

At this point, I still only have a point and click camera. So getting good photos takes ALOT of shots and editing...ALOT!!  Styling those photos so that your products looks pretty, & interesting is just another level of difficulty. Not to mention, trying to convey a story with your photos and copy...that just sends the challenge level off the charts. However, I LOVE IT...challenge and all!

Here are a few new lifestyle shots I played with this morning for one of my mugs. First, I imagined how I actually use my mugs and what that looks like.

For me, I use my mugs to drink coffee. I love the weekends because my family and I can ease into the morning without rushing to get anywhere in particular. I am a morning person so I adore getting up early in the morning, pouring a hot cup of coffee, and surrounding myself with a stack of design magazines. I imagine others might enjoy their morning beverage checking e-mails, surfing the internet on their ipads, or diving into a favorite book.

When I took these photos, the idea behind it was taking a few moments in the morning to ease into the day doing whatever makes you happy!

indobay rise drink shine mug

indobay rise drink shine mug

I'd love to hear how you ease into your mornings with your favorite beverage. Who knows...I just may use that in my next product shots!  Feel free to leave a comment below. :)