The Sequel...The Story of a Well-Loved Tea Towel

indobay handprinted modern tea towels If you recall, I posted a while back about the story of the unused tea towel.

Here, my friends is the short Sequel to that story...

And so it began as many tea towels start off their lives with great expectations of being the best, most used tea towel there ever was. And as with many tea towels, however great the potential is at creation, life & well-intentioned people get in the way of the tea towel ever fully realizing their dreams.

{Now you might think this story is going to be one of those sad, sappy stories. Oh no... this story has a happy ending! }

And so the young tea towel began it's life with so much excitement for a bright future. As much as the other tea towels would sing their weepy stories of sitting unused in drawers, or hanging on a hook never to dry one single dish, this towel kept it's chin up and hoped for a brighter future.

One day all the dreams & wishes of this tea towel came to life. The day arrived where this tea towel would soon be going to a new home. A home where, if all went well, would allow this towel to live out it's life's purpose.

As the towel, was lovingly prepped & packaged to be shipped to it's new home, it trembled with excitement at all the possibilities that a new home brought with it. Yet, despite all the happy feelings, the towel couldn't help but wonder if this new home would be the same as so many other homes she had heard about. A home where she might be destined for a life sentence in A DRAWER never to be used!

Ok, ok...I'm sure you want to know how this story ends. Here goes...(Jump forward a year)

indobay handprinted cotton tea towels

indobay handprinted modern cotton tea towels

Although, slightly faded, with a few more wrinkles and stains this towel leads a happy life drying hands, drying dishes, wiping counters, soaking up spills, serving as a napkin or placement, picking up hot pots, and many, many other duties.

The tea towel goes about it's day happy, well-used and living a simple but lovely life.

*This is my actual towel about a year later. Not as bright and shiny as the first day but softer, well-loved and with lots of stories to tell. :)

So I'm curious, how many of you are guilty of stashing your tea towels away? For the rest of you, I'd love for you to share your stories in the comments on how you use your towels. :)