Happy 2012

amanda pham photography

Happy 2012! Yes, I know it's a few weeks into the new year but better late than never. I'm so excited about this year!

2012 is all about authenticity and simplicity in my life and business! For me achieving this goal means living everyday with focused intention and attention to that which is most important in my life, truly inspires me and makes me feel genuine joy and a sense that what I am doing is exactly what I am suppose to be doing.

Specifically in my design biz, I've realized that I do not have to try to attempt every new marketing tactic, social media site, latest trend, follow the advice of every person who seems to have achieved success, etc. Instead, I will focus on those "mentors" whose message and business knowledge are truly inline with my definition of success, values and goals for my business.

I wish for you great joy, peace, prosperity and an abundance of happiness in 2012!"