Looking forward...

This morning as I sit with my cup of coffee I find myself slowing down a bit.

Tomorrow is my son's last day of school. After that we will spend the next almost three weeks together. I'm really looking forward to taking some time to really just savor the holiday. We plan on making this a simple holiday season with little fuss or stress. I'm ready to gather with friends and family over music, food and drinks.

So as I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks with family, I also find myself looking forward to the new year with plenty of anticipation and good feelings. I have many goals for myself personally and for indobay. One goal in particular forΒ my business always has and always will remain the same.

I found this quote that I had written down about two years ago when I first started my biz. I'm assuming I wrote it down because it was what I wanted for my business. It also perfectly summed up for myself why I often bought from certain folks.

"When you get the sense that this person loves what they do and puts so much of themselves into it, it feels good to have a little piece of that in your home."

Simply said...perfectly!

I'm quite aware that what I create isn't necessarily new or innovative. However, my goal or my "why" with indobay has always been to create pretty and practical items that bring about a sense of ease, happinessΒ and well-being into your home. Each item I create started with a story in myΒ mind and it's always my hope that my products inspire happiness and help your home tell your own story simply but lovely!

Indobay was the beginning of a better story for me and is my way of connecting with so many folks that I may never have been able to connect with in this way.

Thank you.

live SIMPLY, live LOVELY.