The storm before the calm...Prepping for West Elm Pop Up Event

west elm, etsy, indobay holiday pop up event Right now it is definitely "the storm before the calm" rather than vice versa. I am having so much fun prepping for the West Elm event which is only a few weeks away. My family and I are going on a five day trip for the Thanksgiving Holiday so I've been working diligently to have the majority of the work finished BEFORE  our trip in just three days...yikes!

West Elm and indobay Holiday Pop Up Event

West Elm and Indobay Holiday Pop Up Event

west elm and indobay holiday pop up event

Anyhow, I thought you'd like to see some of my progress that has taken over the house. I am knee deep in tea towels, pillow covers, napkins, mugs and journals. I think I've ironed enough to last me a lifetime!

West Elm did not specify which products they wanted so I've had the freedom to make whichever products I thought would be well received by the West elm holiday shoppers. Although the freedom to choose has been nice it also is a bit intimidating and got me thinking about which products really would be best.

What do you think?

Which indobay products do you think I should definitely take with me to West Elm? I'd love your feedback in the comments below. Thanks! :)

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