The Story of the Unused Tea Towel...

There once was a tea towel. This tea towel, though lovely, was admired but never used. The towel longed to be held, used, washed and used again.

The tea towel dreamt of the day it too could dry dishes, wipe down a counter, be used as a placemat or as special wrapping for a gift.

Yet, day after day, the tea towel hung in the same place only to be admired but never touched. This, my friends, was a lovely but lonely tea towel spending it's days feeling unfulfilled and destined to never live out it's purpose.

Moral of the story: Please use your tea towels.

I have folks tell me all the time that they love tea towels yet often can never bring themselves to use them because they are so pretty. I get it, I really do, but please use your towels.

Tea Towels, dish towels, whatever you want to call them are meant to be loved and used.

My Tea Towels are seriously the hardest working towels in my home. I always keep my "oops" towels which are those towels that I wasn't 100% happy with after printing. So, I do have quite a collection of my own designs and tea towels of other designers that I admire.

I can honestly say that I use them all over and over again. Whether cotton, linen or a blend of both, they absolutely get softer and more absorbent with every washing. Sure they get wrinkled.  Tea Towels aren't fussy so they don't care if they aren't pristine and wrinkle-free. I say embrace the wrinkles and move on.

Sure my towels now have a few stains on them from so much use over time but they are hands down the best for drying dishes, wiping down counters, wiping  up spills, used as large napkins, etc. I could go on and on, and on and on.

Just in case you missed this in one of my previous posts, here are a few more uses you might find helpful:


1. Use to dry your dishes 2. Use to dry your hands 3. Use as a hand towel in the bathroom 4. Use to wipe down counters 5. Wrap a gift. A present wrapped in a tea towel gives the recipient two gifts, and creates reusable packaging. 6. Use as a lap towel for the crumbs of little ones 7. Hang as wall art 8. A great alternative to the paper towel... the possibilities are endless and so much fun to think up!

I also found this great video from Studiopatro that depicts more ways to use a Tea Towel. The video is so beautifully done that I think you'll be inspired even if you don't yet own any tea towels. Here is the link:

So I hope today you will make it a point to finally use that beautiful tea towel that maybe has yet to be used.

I promise you and your towel will be very happy!

live SIMPLY, live LOVELY