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DIY Planner and Calendar - digital file

 {DIY Planner and Calendar by Droplet}

For as long as I can remember I've been in hot pursuit of the perfect calendar/planner. My issue with most calendar/planners is that they never give me enough room to write. Also, I like to have the calendar page and the planner page side by side so I can see everything all at once. Finally, I think I may have finally found a planner that I can get with!

The DIY Planner and Calendar by Droplet on etsy is simple but oh so lovely! The Planner/Calendar arrrives in your in-box in the form of a super easy to read PDF file. It is easy to download, and put together.

Droplet shop gives you three versions of the Calendar/Planner ranging from simply printing ready to customize full letter-sized pages, to half-sized pages, to the third option which is so lovely but does require some book binding experience.  However, the third option is so clearly explained that with a little extra time, putting this one together should be a breeze as well.

But for now, I simply printed out the pages I needed, punched some holes, customized a bit and placed the pages in a thin, white binder. Viola! I now have a simple but lovely new Calendar and Planner that I did not spend a fortune on and took no time to put together.

Here's a peek. What do you think?

DIY Planner and Calendar

DIY Calendar and Planner


Included in the DIY Calendar/Planner are the above pages for contacts, email addresses and notes.

So how do you organize your calendar, to-do lists, daily/weekly tasks? Do you have a planner that you love and makes organizing your days simpler. I'd love to  hear about it in the comments! :)

Be well & live SIMPLY, live LOVELY.