Hand-print, test, hand-print, test & repeat...

indobay handprinted pillow covers- abacus design Sometimes it can take me quite some time to actually add a new product to my product line. This goes totally against my personality. I'm the type of person that once I get an idea I want to just run with it, create it and launch it.

However since I started indobay almost two years ago I've learned to be patient, to print, test, print again and re-test a few times before actually sending a product out into the market.

I do this for many obvious reasons but mostly because I want to make sure that what you see in the photos in my shop is actually will you will receive and also what you will continue to see after the textile item has been washed a few times.

Recently I came up with a new design, "abacus", which I really love! However, I decided to use a new ink.Β The printed designΒ looked great after printing but looked very different after washing.Β  Take a look:

What was once gray turned a sought of light cranberry color. What was once yellow turned into a very bright yellow. What was once light blue became a light gray blue. I actually like the colors but not what I had originally intended.

MORAL OF THE STORY...print, test, print, test & repeat.

Have a lovely weekend and as always...live SIMPLY, live LOVELY.