We've adopted...

New puppy ...a new puppy!

Please meet Piper our new chocolate lab/mix pup that we recently adopted from our local shelter. After losing our 16 year old lab Jackson, there was definitely a void in our home. Yes, we still had Snickers the Beagle but we had gotten use to having two dogs and knew in time we would bring a new fur baby into our home.

chocolate lab mix

Piper graced us with her presence almost two weeks agoย and it's been fun and crazy all at the same time. Our new pup is about a year old. Adopting from a shelter you never know for sure the exact age or even breed but what we do know is she is playful and aย bigtime licker! Snickers and Piper are just beginning to figure each other out and are starting to get along, kind of. However, we have enlisted the help of a dog trainer to help us with the training and socialization of the two. Wish us luck!

It's funny how reminiscent this is our having a new baby in the house...not sleeping as much, the housework, design work and regular daily activities taking a backseat to the newest addition. Along wth trying to make sure the first baby isn't feeling neglected but trying to keep up with the demands of the new baby, etc. etc. Let's just say our lives have definitely changed and their have been moments of "what did we just do". However, I've got a great feeling about our new little gal and I'm certain given some time to adjust to the change we will all be just fine!