A Place of his own...The Surf Shack Part 1

indobay surf shack in Orlando So the fort a.k.a. "surf shack" is finally complete. This has been a few weeks in the making and we all LOVE the way it came out. Inside still needs to be painted in color blocks and the cedar will need to be stained. Other than that, the playtime inside has already begun.

We wanted it to be up high so that it would feel like our little guy was up in the trees. It definitely feels that way.

Since the roof is metal it is so cool to hear the tree branches rubbing against the roof when the wind blows.

Here are some photos of the "Great Fort Build"...

indobay surf shack in Orlando

It all started with a drawing and a model made from a Cheerio box. Once we had a general idea of what we wanted, the location for the fort was decided on. We found the perfect spot tucked into some trees but still inΒ view if me and the Mr. were inside in the living room or on the deck. You know how much mischief little boys can get into! :)

indobay surf shack in Orlando, Florida

indobay surf shack in Orlando

Our Beagle had sniffed out the perfect spot while my Mr. begins to clear the shrubs.

indobay surf shack in Orlando, Florida

My little Mr. helping make room for his fort to be.

Now let the building begin! The first step was placing some posts and the flooring.

High on our little guy'sΒ wishlist of what would make a great fort was a trap door. Viola...the opening is cut!

Making steady progress as one wall goes up. After this we had a brief hiatus due to the hurricane that we thought may affect us here in Orlando. Once we knew we weren't going to be affected the Great Fort Build continued.

I hope you will come back to see the completion of the Surf Shack.

Here's a little sneek peek taken just this morning as the sun was coming up...