Happy New Year!

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Hi all! Yes, yes, I do realize it is only August and not January. However, in my neck of the woods the new school year has begun.

I don't know about you but this time of year has always given me that same sense of freshness, and new beginnings just like an actual New Year. My family and I had a fantastic summer! Yet, as much as I loved spending time with my little Mr. I was ready to get back to business...literally.

For those of you that work from home and have children of school age, I'm sure you can relate to how difficult it can be to keep the business going at the same intensity when the kiddies are out of school. This summer, I didn't even try to do it all. I enjoyed the summertime with my family, worked on the orders that did come in and kept a little notebook of all the ideas I would work on once school resumed.

So that brings me to today, Day 1, where I am ready to get back to work with new found enthusiasm. Just like I did when I would start a new school year armed with fresh new school supplies, shiny new shoes that I prayed wouldn't get scuffed and that slight anxiousness of finding out which teacher I would have for the year...I'm pumped!

I can't wait to share new ideas, new product designs I'm working on, old designs that I've tweaked a bit here and there and some awesome new home renovations that we've been working on over the summer.

One of those projects was a play fort for my little guy. He actually saved quite a bit of his own money so he could build his fort. Of course, my big Mr. and I had a say on the design of the outside of the fort since it would be in the yard. Luckily, the original picture that we adults sketched and the original picture my little guy sketched were very similar. I guess my obession with a modernist aesthetic is really rubbing off!

Want a sneek peek?

indobay modern playshed

As always...live SIMPLY, live LOVELY!