Run Free Sweet Jackson...

Jackson peacefully left us yesterday. He was at home on the rag rugs he loved to lay on with the people he loved. As my son said, he is happy for Jack because he is in his 'happy place.' My head knows this but my heart has yet to catch up. I keep thinking I smell him or hear his panting. I'm sure that will continue for a while.

My sister had our beagle at her house while the vet was in our home. The vet arrived precisely at 4pm. My sister told me that all of a sudden our Beagle started barking wildly. She looked at the clock and it was exactly 4pm. I believe with all my heart he knew his loyal companion would soon be gone. Snickers, the beagle, seems a little lost as we all are.

It's taken me forever to sit down to write this. I can't seem to focus. My heart aches. I keep looking over to where Jackson layed hoping to see him one more time. I know I won't.

I know each day will get a little bit easier. But on this day it just feels hard.