A walk through my creative process & an abacus as design inspiration...

cb2 abacus wall hanging-indobay inspiration

When people ask me where my design ideas come from my answer is typically the same, "everywhere & anywhere".

I am constantly looking at people, places and things with an eye for how I can translate something into a new design. It's not exactly that I'm necessarily looking for new designs but I can't seem to turn the creative side off and so, new designs seem to find me.

 I see cracks in the sidewalk, ripples in the lake, the brown spots on bananas almost past their prime (seriously, it's that bad) as potential designs.

This is a good thing for sure. Yet, at times, my brain gets overloaded with all the images entering my mind and somehow being tweaked here and there until I have a potential new sketch. I certainly do not have a shortage of ideas (see peek into my sketch notebook below). It's the time factor that tends to get in the way.

indobay sketches for new textile designs

Months ago I saw the above abacus image in the CB2 catalog. As soon as I saw it I knew it would one day become an indobay design. Here are the prelimanary prints in a soft blue color. I'm thinking tea towels and pillow covers. What do you think?

I'd love to hear your creative thoughts on ways to tweak the design that might make it better. Also, what colors would you like to see this design printed in? Would you like one solid color like below or would you like to see multiple colors? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!

live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~~

indobay textiles, abacus designindobay textiles- abacus design