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If you are familiar with the online world then I'm certain that you are familiar with the online husband and wife team of Mark Sopchak and Jenna Park who created Whimsy & Spice, a shop chock full of handmade sweets.

I became familiar with whimsy & spice almost two years ago through the blog of Jenna Park. Jenna, along with running Whimsy & Spice is also an award-winning art director, designer and artist who chronicles her personal and business life through her fantastic blog, Sweet Fine Day.

I love blogs! I love blogs of all shapes and sizes...pretty blogs, design blogs, you name it. I admit I do have quite a few eye-candy blogs in my favorites. However, there was something about Jenna's blog that completely resonated with me right from the get go.

I remember almost two summers ago stumbling upon her blog and reading post after post as if I was reading a novel that I couldn't put down. Here was a woman, living in Brooklyn (my hometown when growing up by the way), crafting a small indie biz with her husband while raising her girls. Jenna shared her world of trying to attain balance between her working life and motherhood. Amen...someone who was singing my song!

What I loved most about her blog was her honesty and how real she was about the fact that it wasn't easy. If you have followed my blog for a little while you may know my struggles with balancing my own handmade indie biz along with raising & nurturing a family. I wrote about my revelation about the idea of "balance" {here} if you'd like to check it out. 

I have always been quite vocal about my ideas about motherhood and the fact that it is not easy being a parent let alone a working woman raising a child/ren. I love my son dearly and I love children. I was even an elementary school teacher once upon a time. However, I made the decision long ago that I would only have one child (although some folks have expressed their opinions about why this may be a selfish choice ) because I realized long ago that the mother I wanted to be along with the creative, working woman I wanted to be was going to take some give and take, a lot of hard work, a great deal of  love, commitment & passion and some crazy balancing.

If you aren't already acquainted yourself with the Sweet Fine Day blog, then I would like to introduce you...

Folks please meet Sweet Fine Day

Sweet Fine Day meet some new, kind folks

Even if you aren't a mother, the Sweet Fine Day blog will still delight with it's beautiful photos (all taken by Jenna herself) of the delicious sweets of whimsy & spice, the sites and sounds of Brooklyn living, Jenna and Mark's stunningly beautiful girls and the sweet read of an authentic and witty mama just making it happen one day at a time!

live SIMPLY, live LOVELY