Papermaking gone GOOD...

simple living-home lemonade standGood Monday to you all! How was your weekend? Hopefully stress & worry free.

I had such a great time this weekend. My little man definitely has the entrepreneurial spirit and was set on having a sale this weekend. He made signs, even little tickets with his 100% money-back guarantee all written out for folks. He gathered some handmade items that he had made, and some old toys, called his cousins to join in and even made some lemonade to add to the sale. I'd say even though they did not make a lot of sales fun was had by all!

The other fantastic part of our weekend was getting around to the papermaking project that I had blogged about {here}. Our family has been saving my  little guy's school papers for a few months now with the idea of re-using ALL that paper to make new paper. Seriously, I am amazed and slightly disgusted with the amount of paper that comes through our home from school. That's a whole other issue though.

We are going to package our new paper and give it to my son's teacher as an end of the school  year gift. Anyhow, we followed the instructions that we found on the Zero-Waste family blog, had some messy fun and in the end had what looks like handmade paper.

simple home paper making project

After lots of paper shredding and soaking this is what our school papers looked like. It was actually fun sticking our hands in that mess and squishing the goop over and over.

homemade screen for paper making

This is our homemade screen. I took a small picture frame and a nylon sock that I stretched over the frame. Viola, instant screen!

paper recycling home project

This is what the paper looked like laying out to dry. We originally included a green paper folder in the mix. Hence, the green of the paper.

homemade recycled paper

I love how you can still see bits and pieces of the original worksheets.

simple homemade paper project

It is so hot outside these days that we thought it would be much quicker to set the papers outside to dry.

simple home paper project

Paper still drying and really beginning to have a wonderful look and texture.

home paper making project

A close cool don't you think?

 Last night we layed a few hard cover books on top to flatten the sheets out. They looked so beautiful this morning. I will be sure to post a picture once we have packaged our paper.

I'd love to hear from you if you decide to give this project a try!

live SIMPLY, live LOVELY