It's time for another home reno tour...

indobay home tour It's been ages since I've posted about renovations that have been taking place at our home recently. If you remember, around March of last year we started renovations. We extended our deck, added a fence, added wood awnings to the front and a few other changes which dramatically changed the look our home for the better. You can see the pictures {here}.

After renovating the deck, we had plans to add benches that would provide storage but also a place to sit outside. Do you remember this inspiration picture below?

inspiration benches

Almost a year later we finally got started on building the benches. After an initial design idea that needed to be tweaked here and there, we finally have a new outdoor seating area. Here are the benches from framing to finished. We played with colors a bit but in the end decided on a gray color.

indobay hour tour pre-bench

indobay home tour benches

home tour benches

We still need outdoor cushions and a bigger table. But for now we just drag our dining room table outdoors (below) when we want to eat and entertain outside. It works perfectly!

indobay home tour dining room

Our new windows arrive next week...woohoo! Come back soon as I'm going to post some more reno pics-- this time of the carport which we just added. Here is a sneek peek:

indobay house tour-carport

Thanks for letting me share. And as SIMPLY, live LOVELY!