Mix one part wood, one part ink and a whole lot of the secret ingredient and what do you get?


wedding eggs by indobayWith June right around the corner the requests for wedding related gifts begins to pick up.

Recently I received an order for my "i do" wooden eggs which the bride is giving to her husband to be. I absolutely LOVE working on these eggs and I often find myself lost in my thoughts throughout the process of preparing these eggs for their new home.

As I'm stamping the couple's names, and date of the wedding I can't help thinking about the folks behind those names. What were their stories before they came together? Do they have a sweet engagement story?

I think about the date of their wedding to be and all the hopes, dreams, fears and love that that date symbolizes. I also can't help going into "mama mode" and wanting to tell them not to get too caught up in the planning and trying to make everything perfect. THERE IS NO PERFECT! Just allow for perfectly, imperfect to happen and just have fun!

 As much as the wedding day is important it's really what you make of the days that will follow that I think are really the most important.

So as I add the last bit of straw to the box, I always add one more element that the couple will never actually see but that I hope they will feel and that will follow them all the days of their lives. The last element is a silent intention, prayer-whatever you want to call it- sent to the couple so that they may always find in each other that thing, that magic that brought them together in the first place. Through the good times and the challenging times I wish the couple the courage and wisdom to love each other authentically, and with a pure, open heart. Be well.

live SIMPLY, live LOVELY