Happy Monday…


Call me odd but I love Mondays. Mondays for me represent a new start, a clean slate and the beginning to what I’m always sure will be a great week. Also, my son and my Mr. head back to the office and school so I’m free to create with no interruptions. Nice!

However, I found this picture over at one of my favorite blogs, French by Design and thought it was pretty darn funny. I do remember the days when I felt the same way. Fridays couldn’t come fast enough yet Mondays lurked so close by.

This week my Monday and my week will be a bit different since my litte mr. is on Spring Break. I have a large order to fill for a brick and mortar, and am attempting to also get items made for the local Spring Market I will be a vendor at in just three weeks. Yikes…keep breathing Tania, keep breathing. Luckily Grandma will be scooping up my little guy tomorrow for a day of fun for him and a full on day of making for me.

I wish you all a lovely start to what I hope will be a great week!

~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~