What’s New Wednesday…Paper Making

handmadepaper1                                                                   {click photo for source} Hi all! Hope your week is going along well. This week for me has been moving along way to quickly…how is it Wednesday already?

Anyhow, today I wanted to share this FANTASTIC project that I found on the zero-waste home blog. As you may recall, my family and I are practicing consuming less to waste less. So far, so good. However, my thrifting itch is wanting to be scratched BIG TIME! Nothing wrong with thrifting as it is definitely a way of reusing items. But, I really don’t need anything new right now and we are on a 30-day consumer fast. So, for now, my thrifting urge must be stifled.

{a slight pause so I may refocus…}

Ok, so back to today’s project. If you are a parent and your child is like most school children, the amount of papers coming home weekly is staggering! Yes, we do recycle those that we don’t keep but I was curious about finding a way to reuse them. That is where this paper making (actually recycling) project comes in.

The zero-waste family collects school papers from throughout the year and at the end of the school year uses those same papers to make stationary for the kids’ teachers…brilliant! Not only is this a lovely gift for the teachers but also a way of possibly making the teachers aware of the crazy amount of paper consumption in our schools. Even if you do not have children, I’m sure you have lots of papers coming your way that you might want to reuse.

So while I haven’t tried the project yet it seems simple enough and doesn’t require much in the way of supplies but does require some time and a little effort. Definitely worth it! If you interested, here is the how-to right {here}.


If you try it out, let me know how it goes and I will do the same. :)

*live SIMPLY, live LOVELY*