The Garbage Truck does not come a knocking here…

I’m sure this story may not be new but I just came across this story {here} and was absolutely flipping out at their efforts and commitment to maintaining a lifestyle of zero-waste.

At our house, we are very conscious of not creating a lot of waste. We do compost and recycle yet always wonder what actually happens to all that paper and plastic waste that fills our bins. I have also been on a serious purging mission. What this means is that I have been going through our home and assessing what we have. If it’s something that is truly loved and makes us happy it stays, otherwise it is donated. We also have the rule that if something comes in, something must go out. This works well for the most part but we aren’t as diligent with this rule as we could be. So even with all my efforts, to read about a family like the Johnson’s inspired me to see how I can cut down even more waste at home. This family seriously has no waste! The cardboard boxes from cereals, pasta, milk cartons…you won’t find any in this home.

I urge you to read their story {here}. I warn you now, you will want to jump off your chair and start collecting for The Goodwill. ;)

Do you have any tips for cutting down on waste that you would like to share? Please leave in the comments. Thanks!

~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~