It’s arrived!


Oh how I wish I had something more interesting to show you than a narrow cardboard box but it’s what’s inside that I’m so excited about! What is inside holds the means for me to finally create something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. It was actually one of the original ideas that got me thinking about launching indobay inc. I wanted to design, and create this product for my own use, which in turn made me think about creating it for others as well. A whole lot of blah, blah, blah later, I did launch my shop but sadly never created this item…until now!

Ok, so I haven’t actually created the item yet but I’ve got tons of ideas on how I would like it to look. At least that’s a start. So off to do what I always do when getting ready to design a new product:



*imagine some more


* tweak original design


*more tweaking

*kick myself in the *%! to just GET STARTED!!!

Hope to have something to show you very soon. Wish me a little luck please. :)

~create, love & inspire!~