House Reno Pictures

lkweldona2 { View outside of our house}

It feels like ages ago that we started renovating the outside of our house. In actuality we started in Mid-March. I finally have taken the time to update our before and after pics. When we bought the house a little over two years ago it was very yellow and much different than even the before pics shown. Unfortunately I don’t have the “before, before pics”. Anyhow, our little nest has come a long way and we just love it! What do you think? :)

housefront2 {Home Sweet Home}

The front went through some small changes that made a huge impact. It’s amazing what a little staining of the front stoop, a new column, and a new door can do!



In these next photos you get a better view of the newly stained front stoop. This was most certainly a Labor of Love. It was originally painted a slightly lighter color than the house. We decided to strip all the paint which revealed layers & layers of paint and then a green stain which was almost impossible to remove. Luckily we have an awesome carpenter/handyman who basically added more concrete, sanded concrete, redid this process until it was right and then layered and worked the concrete stain until finally it was a color we loved! This took some time to get it just so but I’m so happy with the results!


Don’t you just love happy surprises! We had decided that we wanted to add natural colored tumbled stones to the front of our house. We knew that under a portion of the front of the house there was some type of stone but we weren’t even sure if it was real stone, fake, or what color or condition it would be in. Once again, Andy, our guy, worked very diligently to expose what I call The Great Stone Reveal!


It was such a great surprise to see a natural stone already there that went with the wooden awnings we had added to the house. That same stone was also revealed here on the side of the steps where the potted plants are resting. Gotta love those happy surprises!


We also had some work done on the back of the house. Here is it pre-reno:


We had a tiny deck with railings all around that felt quite claustrophobic. We had the old railings removed, the deck extended, built a wooden awning above and had a cedar fence built for the doggies. We also were able to re-use all the old wood for planter boxes which we were so pleased about. 

And now the after pics:




There’s my sweet little Beagle, Snickers having a staring contest with his bone! ;)


Soon we will be constructing a built-in seating nook inspired by these photos below. Hopefully it won’t take too long to complete so we can enjoy it during the cooler weather! I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.



We are taking a wee break from the reno’s after the deck seating nook is complete and maybe next year we will begin some inside work involving our kitchen. But for now, our little house is just perfect for us!

interiorsept2010bedit  {a peek inside our home}

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