Back to School & a little THANKS to you…


Today was met with slight sadness & excitement! I have always loved the anticipation and excitement that Back to School brought with it. New teacher, new classmates, new school year…a glorious chance to start fresh!! And let’s not forget new school supplies. Ahhh, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils & crisp new notebooks sends my heart racing!

However, today was my son’s first day of THIRD GRADE…yes, 3rd grade. How is that possible? I go through this every school year so please bear with me. Grades k-2 felt like my baby was still a baby. But, grade 3 feels like a “big boy year”. Boo hoo. I know he will be just fine & love this year as he’s enjoyed every other. I’m not so sure mommy will be as fine. ;)

Yet, I am also met with a huge amount of excitement as I also feel a sense of freshness & new beginnings. So with that being said I am officially launching


As some of you may have already noticed I’ve been designing this website, building it, tweaking it, and tweaking it some more for a few weeks now. I’m sure I will continue to tweak some here and there but Back to School means Back to Business!

So head on over and check it out! You’ll find links to my new indobay inc. shop, this blog and a link to where else you can find me like on etsy. And as as a little thanks to all my blog readers & facebook followers, use the code newsite2010 and take 10% off your first purchase here! (Good until Saturday, August 28th.)