Elephants and the biz…


(image via ALDARI)

So lately I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed in regards to growing and managing my biz. With preparing for a craft event in less than two weeks (yikes!), working on new designs for Fall (so  much fun!), attempting to design a functioning website all on my own (I’m sooo not a web designer!), filling orders, promoting the biz, learning as much as I can about running an e-commerce biz, starting a new e-course with Marisa from Creative Thursday (can’t wait!), and the countless other tasks necessary to run, grow and advance your creative endeavors, I’m feeling a bit pulled from all sides. I haven’t even mentioned struggling to manage all this plus entertain an eight year old home from school for summer break, along with two dogs and the regular household stuff. Now, now…don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my life and the fact that I get to be home with my son AND get to do what I love which is my little shop. But, sometimes it is just so darn hard to try to fit it all in with “only”24 hours in a day!

So now what the heck does an elephant have to do with running a biz and the preceding babble that I just put you through. Well I recently read an article on ittybiz that I just thought was brilliant! The article delves into the idea of “trying to eat an entire elephant at once” and how impossible that task is. I mean the task of eating an entire elephant is HUGE!!! So how do you eat an entire elephant you ask? …simply, one piece at a time.

To sit down in one sitting and eat an entire elephant is just not realistic, as much as you might like to. A better strategy would be to focus on one area of that elephant, tackle it and not really think about the rest until you’ve finished that first piece. Then, and only then, can you proceed to another piece, and then another, so on and so on….one piece, one bite at a time!

So now when I’m feeling flustered over how I’m going to manage it all, I  just remember the elephant. I remember to move slowly but diligently…one piece, one bite at a time breathing slowly, being present, &  enjoying every step of the way.

That reminds me, wasn’t there a story about a Turtle and a hare that taught us, “slow and steady” wins the race? Hmmm…I guess that’s another animal analogy for another day. ;)

So how you you tackle the elephant before you? This gal could use all the helpful tips you might have. :)

~create, love & inspire!~