{my dining room where you can find me working & thinking}

Another week has come & gone by so very, very quickly. This week I’ve been very introspective and reflective on life, family, business and everything in-between. I think it’s good practice to step back sometimes and look at where you are in life and ask yourself some tough questions…

{What makes me genuinely happy?}

{Am I living the life I imagine for myself?}

{Am I growing my business in the right direction?}

{In growing my business, am I remaining true to myself & my vision?}

I actually like thinking about these questions. So often we can go through life almost unconsciously moving forward without ever stopping to check if we are moving in the direction that suits us or feels ‘right’.

So I leave you today with these questions for you to ponder if you so choose.

Looking forward to next week where I will share some new products I’ve been busy trying out & something fun for the blog.

Also after taking a brief break, our “Tag…You’re it!” game will resume and some more awesome talent will be featured.

Til next week!

~create, love & inspire!~