Getting real…warts & all


Inspired by a recent post I read on Rachie’s Place, I decided to write my own “getting real” post. Lately I have really struggled a bit with my blog & feeling the pressure to make this more than what it really is, which is a place for me to share Me and everything, everyone and everything that is part of Me. This blog was also intended to be a platform for me to document the evolution of my handmade business. The ups, the downs and everthing in-between.

I read many wonderful blogs and am inspired by them all. Some are pure eye candy, some are more business oriented, some are this, some are that. They really do come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some tell you that you will get more traffic and comments if you do this, or that. I’ve read that your blog should have a focus, a direction, blah, blah, blah. Honestly, I was starting to feel somewhat overwhelmed and feeling like I was failing with this blog.

My original intent was to share the ordinary, the extraordinary, the simple, the wonderful, the lovely, the talented, the ups, the downs. This is a place where I can collect what inspires me. I don’t really have a pure focus, nor do I have a pure direction. Truthfully, I don’t really know what I’m going to write about most days, nor do I schedule posts in advance. I guess as organized as I am, I’m not THAT organized. Sometimes I’m all over the place with my blog. I write about my family, great “makers”, sayings that inspire me, again…I’m here and there and everywhere. But that is how my mind works. I am so full of ideas, thoughts, creative bursts,  grocery lists, to-do lists, this mind is very busy most times.

This is a place for you all to get to know me better. Here is a bit of me:

I turn the big “40” in October and I think that is great! (It really does get better!)

I have a FANTASTIC little boy & a FABULOUS man in my life! (I’m blessed!)

I love to laugh. (Laugh lines are good!)

I once was a elementary school teacher. (Loved the teaching, hated the politics)

I was widowed at 31 years old. (Really, really SUCKED!)

I got through it. {easier said than done.} ;)

Made it through the other side with a renewed passion for life. (Life is too short)

I love what I do everyday. (everyday)

I have two dogs, two cats and a fish. (Yes, mini farm full of sweetness.)

I am inspired by people who go after their dreams. (Again, life is too short not to.)

I look forward to meeting you here as often as I can and as long as you will have me. :)

~create, love & inspire!~