“Tag…You’re it!”- Week 3, Day 1


So here in the United States it is a holiday, Memorial Day to be exact. I told myself I would take the day off to enjoy all the things you typically do on this holiday which is spend time with friends and family, maybe attend a barbeque or two & generally reflect on the day and enjoy! Which I am going to do right after I tell you about this…

We are now in Week 3 of our little “Tag…You’re it!” game & I  just couldn’t resist letting you all know about today’s tag. As some of you may already know I am completely head over heels with todays ‘tagger”, mengsel design.  Luzelle from mengsel design was tagged by leefee photography. It was Luzelle’s turn to tag someone and boy did she ever! One of my absolute favorite shops from Paper ‘n Stitch. was tagged and all I can say is…Vintage Love! Check it out here.

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