This week on What’s New Wednesday…

The Little House with the Yellow Door


is a hand-drawing of a house.


I love to doodle. I find myself jotting down images of homes in notebooks, on scraps of paper & in my head. I’m in love with the idea of home and creating the “perfect” home. The perfect home for me isn’t big nor is it very fancy. But what it is is a place to feel comforted in. It’s a place filled with the things & people that make memories and happy times. My own home is filled with my favorite boys (my son & my man) my dogs, cats, lots of laughter and of course, Swimmy the fish. It’s somewhat modern but with a playful feel to it. My home is constantly evolving and changing as the mood strikes me.

This illustration was inspired by the idea of the perfect home to me…simple, festive, welcoming and always wrapped in love!