What’s New…Wednesday


I kind of like the colorful, playful chaos that adorns  my fridge. I have anything from Ty’s original artwork, postcards of dental appointment reminders, pictures of our family & furry friends, & of course, our calendar of important events. Whoever thought of making the fridge magnetic is a genius in my book. Ok, so now here is where a bit of my slightly “ocd” personality comes in. I don’t mind the varied arrangement on my fridge but I like my magnets to be consistent. Go figure…sorry, I can’t  help it! ;)

So in my search for strong but somewhat modern but sweet magnets, I decided to make my own. Check them out & come back here and tell me what you think.


So do you have the always pristine and completely bare fridge, the middle of the road slightly cluttered fridge, or the "is there really a fridge under all that?” fridge. Can’t wait to hear!

~create, love & inspire!~