Oh just so much fun...

...So this morning I was feeling just kind of "stuck". I knew there were e-mails I needed to get out, new designs to work on, product pics to shoot, and the list goes on. But I just couldn't get myself going. The perfect remedy...Color Me Katie!

Are you asking what Color Me Katie is? This blog has to be one of the most creative, colorful, utterly enchanting blogs I have come across. Katie Sokoler is a free-lance photographer and street artist living in Brooklyn (my hometown by the way). She has this very happy, uninhibited, fearless persona about her that I am completely smitten by. I love how she goes around the streets of Brooklyn leaving bits of her "oh so magical" art. She has such a way of mixing the fantasy with reality...pure magic! So now after a good cup of coffee and a strong dose of Color Me Katie...I am once again inspired to create! May I suggest a dose of Color Me Katie to help brighten your day!

So when you're feeling stuck what gets you up and motivated again? :)

~create, love, & inspire!~