Mother's Day Mosaic

I know Mother's Day is right around the corner. But if you are like me, you can't quite make up your mind as to what to get the woman that gave you life. Come on...that is no easy task! ;) So, of course, I've waited until the last moment to decide.
I have compiled a few of my favorites from over at Paper 'n Stitch. Forgive me for this is such a very tiny sample of what you can find. Run over there quickly to check out all the most loveliest of lovely creations! :)
Mosaic of lovelies include:

1. levan's photography
2. A Kat Tale
3. Earrings Nation
4. P.S. it's in the details
5. Pangea! handmade
6.  The Ardent Sparrow
7. Monkey Mind Design
8. h and j star creations
9. indo bay

~create, love & inspire!~