Life in the Fishbowl…

 thriving artist

…with a bit of sadness and excitement for the future, I have come to the end of my e-course. For the last six weeks I have been a part of Marisa’s online community and course, In the Fishbowl. I have loved every moment and know that I have gained insights that I will take with me every step of this creative journey that I have embarked upon! The relationships I have also made throughout this course are one’s that I hope to continue with.

I would highly recommend this e-course to any creative person no matter where you are on your journey! Marisa was the most amazing guide for so many reasons. I think aside from all the practical business knowledge I gained  it was Marisa herself and how she conducts her business and life that I gained the most from.

How she lives and how she conducts her business seem to be seamless…with integrity, passion, authenticity, intelligence and with a confidence that is remarkable! She guides with a pure heart and such genuineness. Her words, beliefs and what she spoke of at each class reminded me to go about my creative life guided by my intuition and what feels right. Again, there was lots of practical business information, invaluable resources shared, support, etc. However,being a person who is very perceptive to my feelings and to “ what feels right”, that part of the e-course resonated deeply with me.

So I am left with such renewed energy and this feeling like anything is possible along this journey.

Thank you all for letting me share this part of my journey with you. I hope you will continue meeting me  here and traveling along with me! ( I have some new and exciting things to share with you soon….very soon! )

~create, love & inspire!~