“Parts & Labor” Craft Fair…


…was held yesterday and I had a blast! It was a small local venue with such a wonderfully creative, friendly vibe! What a pleasure it was to meet other fellow etsians and crafters! And, to meet folks in person not just online was probably my favorite part. I can’t say that I sold a ton of items but I had so much fun, made wonderful connections, and spent a lovely day outdoors surrounded by great folks, music and yummy food. In my eyes, the day was a success!


DSCN3132                                                          (linen napkins on display)

 DSCN3135                                              (tea towels & hand-illustrated mugs )


DSCN3131                                          (linens, and eggs and hang tags, oh my…)


DSCN3139                                        (some of my “peeps” that came to support)