Better late than never...

...I know it's Friday but here is this weeks edition of "What's New Wednesday".

 I've always been inspired by the idea of living simply and delighting in the everyday chores of the home. I know that sounds a bit crazy 'cuz who really enjoys doing laundry, washing floors, blah, blah, blah. But I find if I don't complain about it and just do it, it's not all that bad. I am a "nester" by nature so having a home that is clean, organized and comfy is important to me and necessary for me to feel sane. Seriously, I tend to feel out of sorts if my house feels a mess...there's that slight OCD thing again. ;)

So this week's addition to the shop was inspired by my idea of Homemakers long ago. Sure there was still tons of "chores" to get done around the house in a day yet there seemed to be a little less fuss and more reverence paid to the idea of the "Home" and making it a wonderful place.

So if I need to clean, do dishes, etc..I might as well have a lovely towel at hand to keep me company! :)